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    Default Timing of destorying a unit

    I got a question regarding the state of a unit at certain triggers of their destruction.

    To recap my thoughts, just a summary of how I read the rules.
    Quote Originally Posted by RB P.9
    If the last model is removed from a unit, the unit is destroyed and removed from the battlefield
    So the sequence should be:

    Remove Last Model -> Destroy unit -> Remove from Battlefield.

    Which means, in my understanding, that the unit tray of that unit at the trigger "When a Unit is destroyed" is empty.

    Why does this matter?
    As per FAQ a unit loses all abilities of an attachment the moment the attachment is removed from the unit. Which means for cards like "Last Stand" (Greatjon Umber Commander) a unit will not get the special rules of the Attachment. So far people might say "Thats reasonable and intended".
    But where it get weird is "Take the Black" (NW tactic card). As per FAQ you cant take an attachment that has been previously destroyed or otherwise been removed from the tray. As you target an empty tray with no Attachments (or Attachments that have been destroyed previously), this effect will never take place and I can't image that this was intendend.

    So, my question is: Do I read the sequence of destroying a unit wrong?

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    The FAQ for 'Take the Black' is for when an attachment was destroyed in a previous round or turn. For example, Reek is destroyed in Round 2. Ramsey's Unit is then destroyed in Round 3. The Night's Watch player would not be able to make Reek 'Take the Black', and would only be able to make Ramsey 'Take the Black'.

    The Greatjon Umber's card would allow the player to utilise the attachment's abilities when playing 'Last Stand', as the attachment was in the unit at the moment it was destroyed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FAQ
    Q: Can I take an Attachment from that unit that was previously destroyed or otherwise somehow removed from the unit?

    A: No, the Attachment must have been on the unit when it was destroyed, e.g. if the Attachment had been killed in a previous round/turn/EVENT it could not be selected with Take the Black.
    Is removing a model not an event?
    In my opinion the statment "the Attachment must have been on the unit when it was destroyed" is a contradiction. Because a unit is only destroyed after the last model is removed. Hence a unit cannot contain anything the moment it is destroyed.

    It would be clearer, if the rulebook stated:
    Quote Originally Posted by proposal
    If the last model WOULD BE removed from a unit, the unit is destroyed and removed from the battlefield
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    Could we not have continued this in the original thread? I know it was a whole month ago, but still...

    "I did warn you not to trust me." -Littlefinger

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    I want to bump this up so hopefully it doesnt get forgotten for 1.5. This effects a lot of things like 'last stand', Osha, 'Take the black', etc. I think its important to get clarity here.

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