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Thread: best patreon out there?

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    Default best patreon out there?

    Hi guys!

    So what miniature patreons do you enjoy subscribing to? I like Ben Komets, Flame on and Richard Grey.. Anyone has any other suggestions?

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    If you are looking for basing tutorials you can’t go past Honourguard.

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    You already know the top 3 in my opinion, Banshee Painting Academy is very good, Bohun, Alberto Pena (spanish, but with english subtitles) are also worth considering.

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    I started up my own Patreon Page in 2017, with the emphasis on long form tutorial videos.

    Just about every technique and material is covered in multiple ways. There are roughly 100+ videos, and each episode is usually 120 minutes long. They take you through the entire process of basing and painting.

    I have basing specific tutorials, freehand, OSL, NMM, color theory and so on. There are multi episode series on large scale figures such as Nocturna, Creature Caster, and now Big Child Creatives. The ultimate series comes from the Army Painting pledge, which gives you access to all the other videos along with special 5 part series that show you how to base and paint entire units.

    Currently I am filming Series 8. For those interested in painting with oils, I have many hours of oil painting on busts, large creatures and miniatures.

    A link to the page:

    And a typical video:

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