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    Brand new to this game, but have been gaming for decades. Putting together a NW list; curious as to what some basic “Do’s” and “Dont’s” are with these guys. Thanks in advance.

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    I wish I had some advice or tactical genius to share with you, but I've only just played my first game w NW. Took starter box to 30 pts (2 Sworn Brothers, 1 Vets, watch capt in 1 sworn swords unit, Jon Snow Commander in Vets, Ghost, 2 NCUs Aemon & Jeor Mormont. Was tons of fun. Aemon helped heal my Vets, Ghost distracted units of Stark Bows & Swords all 3 turns. Lost a unit of sworn brothers top of round 2 to berserkers & stark honor guard w Eddard Stark, but then my Vets showed their mettle by weathering the storm of 2 bada$$ units ganging up on them. Eventually wiped Honor guard and played card to "adopt" Eddard into the Watch w Jon in his Vets unit, and then w Ned's help, finally wiped the Berserkers. With proper healing, nobody's moving Vets easily. Very fun, resilient faction. Good luck.

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    Thanks for responding.

    I have a handful of games under my belt. What I think I’ve learned thus far:
    1. Keep units mutually supporting. Trying to get too “tricky” with them or go for a quick win is dangerous.
    2. Veterans are ROCK SOLID. It will take a major effort to get them off an objective.
    3. Sworn Brothers are very good, hard hitting offensive weapons.
    4. Ranger Trackers are good light cav; don’t use them as heavy.

    Really loving this game: relatively simple, but not simplistic - easy to learn, difficult to master.

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    Curious, have u tried any Neutral NCUs or Unit Attachments yet? After my starter box is painted up, I plan to paint up the ranger hunters and try them out w Bron or Brienne.
    I'm most excited for NW Heroes 1 box coming soon. Hoping against all odds Wun Wun the giant is in there! Not terribly excited for conscripts, but can see their potential usefulness in an otherwise elite army. Rumored NW crossbowmen even less excited for. I'd like an offensive vets unit, even if its more than 8 pts. T

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    My first few games I had a unit of Flayed Men. Yes, they’re nasty as hell, but they suck up a lot of points. For the same cost you can field a unit of Brothers and a NCU. I’ve found the Aemon and Bowen Marsh NCU combo to be quite effective.

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    I havent looked at Bowen Marsh much yet. Any tips or tricks that he's especially good at?

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    His main use is to get the tactics/vow cards you want. His secondary purpose is to deny your opponent the tactics zones he wants.

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