Now with the up coming releases of Warriors's sons and the Kingsguard I started to look for a list to use for the A Feast for Crows game mode.
Since this is a list that will have good morale I am not afraid of Panic tokens from King Joffrey.
What do you think about it? How can I improve it?

Faction: House Lannister
Commander: The High Sparrow – Father of the Faithful
Points: 40 (4 Neutral)

Combat Units:
• The Warrior's Sons (8)
with Sandor Clegane – The Hound (2)
• The Warrior's Sons (8)
with Assault Veteran (1)
• Lannister Crossbowmen (6)
with Guard Captain (1)
• Lannister Guardsmen (5)
with Guard Captain (1)

Non-Combat Units:
• The High Sparrow – Father of the Faithful (0)
• Joffrey Baratheon - Lord Of The Seven Kingdoms (4)
• Lord Varys – The Spider (4)

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