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    Default Lannister lists v Free Folk

    Hi all. I’m about to take on Free Folk for the first time with my Lannisters.
    My normal list is activation-lite, and I’m concerned that I’m going to be swamped or fail to put out enough damage quickly enough.
    Usual list is led by Gregor in a unit of pyromancers; Sandor in halberdiers; guardsmen with captain; and Knights of casterly rock; with triple NCU: Tyrion; Pycelle; Petyr Baelish.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Should I just suck it and see first time out?
    Anyone found an optimal Lannister list v Free Folk?
    How are people dealing with giants and being heavily out activated?

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    I don’t play Lannister, so I can’t help with units. But I will say that 3 NCUs is probably too many, unless you always activate them first. All of them. They have a tactics card that will hurt you for picking certain zones on the board, which gets easier for them to pull off the more NCUs are on it. Even with less NCUs I’d plan for them to pick the zones the help Lannister’s the most as the bad zone, be prepared.

    As for general tactics, they like to hang up on units, so don’t let yours get too separated from each other, so they can get support if needed.
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    Good advice. I’m thinking of switching one of the NCUs for the Mountain that rides, for the extra activation. The alternative I guess is to go cheaper with Lannister guardsmen, rather than the hitty units, but I’m concerned their lack of offence will prevent me dealing with the opposing horde. I was hoping to utilise a ‘refused flank’ technique and outnumber him at one point on the battlefield, before rolling down the line, but I’m aware that no strategy survives contact with the enemy, and that it would only catch my opponent out in the first battle.

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