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    ASOiAF Community, we are gearing up to better display some of the data we have been collecting from tournament results, but we are also looking for a snap shot of the game’s health. If you have a moment please take a second to answer the following questions here:

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    Thanks to everyone who shared their views. Here is our State of the Game for A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game, April 2019.

    Our podcast discussion is at the bottom of the article as well.

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    Missed the survey. I'm amazed by how many the respondants aren't KS backers, about 50%, that's great. I myself am focusing on Boltons with the intention of doing 50% Stark (Umbers and hopefully Karstarks down the line) + 50% Bolton down the road once the heroes I'm waiting for comes out, mostly Smalljon Umber and a Karstark. The Boltons really do need their Blackguard because as everyone knows they currently don't have a reliable infantry unit at the moment that can hold their ground. It's no surprise that the Boltons are seen as weak right now, because its kind of true. Also happy to see that the Brave Companions with Vargo Hoat is in the making, that will be another fine addition to a pure Bolton army thematically.

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