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    Hi everyone!

    My name is Tijl, i am 29 years old , i breed dart frogs for a living and live in Belgium.
    I picked up painting again this xmass after a break of 10 years.

    So far i have painted 4 models since i started to paint again, this is the one i finished yesterday :

    I wanted to share this model to get some feedback and comments of what to improve, i realy enjoy painting again!
    I am also excited to see all these amazing miniatures on this website! The skilllevel on the models i have seen so far is just unbelieveable! I feel like most are better than the pictures on the boxes of games workshop! realy amazing...

    I also hope you guys and girls like the models i paint,

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    Welcome aboard! Cheers from Venezuela

    Your miniature looks very great 2 steps over TABLETOP level, orks are fun since you could do lots of weathering and scratch to look great

    i like the green that looks very realistic, but usually people paint it brighter, but the contrast with the red it´s superb! now do that on 100 orks! WAAAGH!

    Cheers! #WEDOPAINT
    Calabozo Criollo Venezuela #WEDOPLAY!
    Click image to visit CalabozoCriollo Venezuela

    Calabozo Criollo on Instagram

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    Looks nice but picture is kind of small, maybe get a little closer and not have so much background in the image. Otherwise looks like a great job and it doesn't look like you lost any skills with a paint brush!

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