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    I managed to squeeze in a few nights of painting recently, so it’s time for another update!

    First of all, I managed to finish the cav units. Which means I was then ready to move on to the wash stage.

    I’ve been thinking a lot on how best to speak to washes, so hopefully this comes across well, as I know it can seem daunting to some new painters.

    So on most minis, I tend to use a mix of washes for different areas, depending on the color it’s going over. Red for red, green for green, etc... Since this is the Night’s Watch, I decide to go all black. I started with GW’s Nuln Oil. I have heard a lot of people praise this wash, so I had picked some up when previously, after having run out of the Army Painter Brand I’m more used to. It may just be because I am so used to the AP brand, but I did not like the Nuln Oil as much. It’s still good tho. It just handles differently. But seeing as I had some left, and no plans to do anything fancy with it, I decided to start there to use it up. The small base units are all done with Nuln Oil. The cav were done with AP Dark Tone, because I ran out of the Nuln Oil.

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    So now that the pics are out of the way, let’s talk tips and such for washes.

    First things first, I recommend using brushes that are just for washes. This is a great job for older brushes you might have that just aren’t quite up to normal painting standards for you. Cheap craft brushes work well too. I tend to have my brushes on a life cycle going from good painting to other duties to trash.

    Now, whatever the wash gets on, it’s going to tint. Even if you go back and try to soak it back up. That tint is going to happen. This includes going over areas that you have already applied wash to, and has started to dry. So it’s important to keep this in mind as you apply it. I try to plan ahead and look for natural breaks in the sculpt of the mini, and apply the wash in sections, using those breaks. For example, do the Cloak up to the fur. Then the fur. Then the head. Etc. This helps to minimize the chances of overlapping that can cause the result to look off. It also gives you a smaller area to focus on, so that you can move the wash around as needed. Which brings me to another point...

    The wash is a liquid that is designed to flow into and over the mini. So don’t get hung up on shifting the wash around till it looks perfect to you, because it will likely move and flow on its own before it completely dries. It’s been better, in my experience, to focus more on ensuring everywhere to want the wash is covered (look for the wet look), because going back to hit somewhere you missed will almost certainly lead to discoloration due to overlapping wash. The other main thing to worry about is making sure there’s not too much wash pooling in a given area. This can be fixed by using your brush to move it around. You can also dry your brush and use it to soak up excess as well.

    Once you get used to washes, and are aware of how they effect the color of your paint, you can use that knowledge from the start when painting your minis. I did it to some degree with this batch. Painting what seemed to be too light of colors, knowing the wash would darken them. That being said, there were still some of the brighter colors that I did not have enough faith in. I think they ended up turning out well. In my opinion.

    I’ll also share a link to a post I made a while ago that provides other insight on washes, just in case anyone’s wants to know a little more.

    For better painters than me, highlighting is the next step. Honestly, the thought of it makes me nervous still. I feel I’ve learned good ways to compensate for skipping this stage, and think that my work at least puts out a decent table top worthy product. So the only thing left for me will be to paint the bases and applying the varnish!! They will be ready in time for CMON Expo!!!
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    I meant to post this final update while on the road to CMON Expo, and then totally got caught up in talking and listening to radio theater editions of H P Lovecraft stories.

    Over the the course of a couple nights, I was able to paint the bases of all the minis, and they are now DONE!!

    I kept the base simple, for now, as I have yet to venture into textured basing. I used Army Painter’s Army Green, because I can use the 100% color match they have to spray the trays the same color.

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    I think they turned out well, especially after the washes were applied. Thanks to everyone for sticking with me to read this, and putting up with me falling off towards the end. Life has a way of getting in the way when you’re trying to wrap something up, it seems.

    If if anyone has any questions or tips, etc, feel free to share!

    FYI- I picked up a bunch more minis at the Expo...why do I do this to myself? Lol
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    This was fun! I'm looking forward to your Baratheon starter box WIP thread . Army Painter army green is my color of choice for bases and trays as well.

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    Lol!! As much as I love the sculpts shown so far for the Baratheon’s, my friend and I are alternating factions, so we don’t have to both go all in. So it looks like I won’t have a new faction until Targaryen.

    That being said, I did pick up a second Night’s Watch starter and more unit boxes for Stark and NW that I will be painting up in the mean time.

    Tho I might take a break and cycle over to another game for a bit. Green Horde, Moloch, Rising Sun, and Fallout all need some additional love. So many minis, so little time. Ugh.
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