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    Question Version Control for Rules

    Hello all,

    Apologies if this is covered elsewhere.
    During a game yesterday, we found that with the release of the Free Folk set that changes to rules were made. However, we could not find any markers/indicators to show which was the ''latest'.
    Eg, changes to the Charge process on the reference card (old= Charge-Move+d6, new= pivot>move +d6), also changes to some of the scenarios.

    What rules are the latest version? How do we know? How do we discriminate between books/cards/etc that have changed?



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    This link is to all the latest documents pertinent to the game. We are currently at update V1.3 (the rulebook v1.2 is still valid as there were no rulebook updates between 1.2 and 1.3).

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    Ah, thanks!

    Noting the changes to the physical reference cards, I am then guessing the only way to determine which version they are from is to check against the latest rule set?

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    To ensure clarity. The change to Charge on the reference card was to fix a misprint, and not an actual rules change. The ablility to pivot at the beginning of a Charge action has always been there.

    I have stopped using the ones from the Stark v Lannister set, to avoid confusion when playing with new players. However, the older ones are still ok, as long as you remember the misprint.
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    Thanks for the explanation, has helped a lot!

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