Need help with finding a shop in the USA to paint for
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Thread: Need help with finding a shop in the USA to paint for

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    Question Need help with finding a shop in the USA to paint for

    Hi guys, I dont come here often, but I`m in a desperate need of advice.
    I have a lot of skill and can make a lot of different stuff. From dioramas and zinnfigurens to warhammer, any fantasy or historical wargame of any size. And I keep selling my works on ebay, but it is too random. And I need specific orders from time to time to stay alive
    Anyway, I really need an advice. How can I find a shop or even shops or maybe some communities to paint specific stuff for?
    Do you guys know any?
    P.S. I`ll add pictures to show my works.
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    After 79 views on this thread and no-one has bothered to comment it looks like it’s down to me.
    This might be hard for you to hear but I have to say that if you want to be regarded as a ‘shop-painter’ you need to up your game.

    Currently the two painted figures in your gallery are standing at the 5+ level.
    10-15 years ago that might have been an ‘average’ standard but techniques, styles and tastes have changed dramatically.
    Look to the gallery and browse the 8+, that’s the kind of level you need to aim at.

    I’m not trying to be rude or dismissive, just trying to help you develop into a better Painter.
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