The Brain Trust... my Lannister NCU's and such
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Thread: The Brain Trust... my Lannister NCU's and such

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    Default The Brain Trust... my Lannister NCU's and such

    I love painting all of the Song of Ice and Fire minis, but the NCU aspect of the game is fantastic for game play and painting alike!

    I have been painting dozens of them now, and here's a peek at some for my Lannister army. I also have more pics here in this blog post:

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    Its going to take me a moment to properly comment. I have to pick my jaw up off the floor after seeing the detail you’ve added.
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    Thanks! I have been doing some similar things with the units as well... I have been making unit basing tutorials like crazy! :-) So much on the way!

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    WOW. These might be the best ive seen yet. 10/10

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    Thanks for the kind words! I am just about to post a Free Folk version of Brain Trust ;-)

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