airbrush question: needle is poking out of protector cap (PICTURES)
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Thread: airbrush question: needle is poking out of protector cap (PICTURES)

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    Default airbrush question: needle is poking out of protector cap (PICTURES)

    as stated in the title, I cleaned my infinity airbrush, but when I was about to assemble it - the needle is poking out, when pushed in to the max.. is this a problem?

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    I think that might be bit far.
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    is it the correct nozzle for the correct needle? (.5mm nozzle with .2mm needle for example)

    or you might have pushed it too strongly in. Maybe you'll need a nozzle replacement as the hole in it is too large now.
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    Most importantly....does it work still?

    Edit : I use a Badger Krome myself but I imagine that all regulator caps for all airbrushes serve the same purpose and that is to protect the needle. I can’t see your needle being protected like that so it can’t be normal. I’m not sure about the internal workings of your brush but it could help to strip it down completely then rebuild it to see if it corrects itself. Check all your seals and o-rings while it’s pulled apart. Is the spring ok? Does it stick out like that as soon as you put the needle in or does it shunt forward a little more each time you pull back on the trigger? The suggestion about the regulator cap and needle being different sizes sounds like the best bet though. Have you changed the needle size recently? I know with my airbrush a smaller needle was included but they only gave you one crown. This caught several people out and it was only reading about it that alerted me to the issue just before I bought it. Then had to pick up another cap from eBay.
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    I think it would work. Just there is a chance to bend the needle as it is sticking out too much.

    Then again, I always take the cap off and never had a problem since I bought the AB.
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