Painting dire wolf Snow from Song fo Ice and Fire
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Thread: Painting dire wolf Snow from Song fo Ice and Fire

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    Default Painting dire wolf Snow from Song fo Ice and Fire

    My latest tutorial video is up on the YouTube channel!

    This time I talk about how to deal with painting white... not just the miniature, but also incorporating that white tone along with the snow effects.

    Here's a link to the video:

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    Looks amazing, as always.

    What do do you use for the rocks and gravel on your bases?
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    In this case it was simply bulletin board cork... I think you can see some pieces of that in this post (it is the darker material):

    I really love that stuff, because once you break it up, it looks so much like natural rocks!

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    Much appreciated! These figures have been so much fun to paint!!

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    You've managed to paint exactly what I have in my mind's eye for this mini, willing to bet mine doesn't turn out so well. You're an inspiration, hat off to you, Sir!

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    Thanks for the kind words! Hopefully we can be in sync on the other wolves too!

    Make sure to shoot me a note with pics of what you come up with!

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