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Thread: sokator's infrequent, medium quality updates

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    Default sokator's infrequent, medium quality updates

    Hi, long time lurker finally ready to show my stuff. I don't actually play miniature games, i just enjoy painting the miniatures, regardless of the lore
    Finished these guys lately:

    Overall, im quite happy with them, though obviously the chips are not perfect, and I need to improve my edge hightlights, especially on the dark gray one, cause now they just look like shitty paint chips.
    And I just started working on these guys (Terry Prattchett's Death with guitar and some naughty heretics) (shitty pic, cause there is nothing to see anyway, but we are in the WIP section so it would not be fair to just post my finished minis:P ):

    So... suggestions and comments welcome
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    Looking good. I am usually not a fan of camo on space marines but I think you've pulled it off nicely so that it reads realistically. I particularly like the one on the far right from the first shot.

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    Yeah, I have a background in tank models, so I treated them as armour;-)
    His pattern is loosely based on tank 'city' camouflage. Though his plasma definately has the weakest glow, do you think I should repaint it?
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    ​Welcome! Marines look cool & unusual.

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    Thanks, that's what I went for

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    I like all of them too! It's nice and refreshing to see a different take on the color schemes, not just the same chapter tricolors yet again

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    Hi, thanks
    Yeah, I've always found it weird how they go into battle with basically as high visibility schemes as possible. In my mind I treat the chapter schemes as parade paint, not to be used in battle.
    And yeah, the yellow guy is not what I would strictly call camouflaged, but the yellow is at least a bit similar to dunkelgelb, so it COULD be a camo:P

    Anyway, first work on the Death:

    upload pic
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    Great work on these. Only minor critique I would have is for the SM second from the left (the one you put up larger photos of) the back of his helmet looks a little off being all white, it looks like it could use some grey in the inside edges for some contrast. Otherwise, totally liking the camo patterns and the plasma gun effects (I say keep the paler one as it looks like his gun is just priming)

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    He has darker shades in the crevices, I just shaved off the crest on the helmet, so there is nothing to add shadow to on the white part;-) My plan was to nake tyis guys helmet shaped more like german ww2 helmet, but I can't sculpt for shit, so now he is just a crestless marine. And a bit shiny, since the matt lacquer didn't work that well.
    Thanks for the comment;-)

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    Ah, that is why it looked a little off. Still great job on the marines and nice start to Death w/ guitar

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    Test post forum is being a butt.

    Started work on hightlights / shadows. Any tips welcome, as this is my first time painting black

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    Welcome along! Also cool batch of marines...I'm with you on the lore thing as well.

    Regarding the advise I can give is that black isnt black and very rarely is highlighted with white.

    Black reflects and absorbs everything around reflections and highlights will only be white if your axe wielding skeleton was sat in a white box.

    I would suggest you imagine the environment he's playing that guitar in and try to reflect that in the highlights and deep shadows which can also be tinted appropriately.

    What lights are playing a part in the scene? Where is he standing?

    The good news is that by starting with a monochrome shading pallete you can now wash over it with colours/inks to give the effects you want.

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    Hi, thanks for the tip, I kept to black and white, since there isn't really a scene... Or I'm just not that imaginative. Some more photos, kinda hard to decide when something is done.
    I tried to make his pick glow green, like in pick of destiny, and the runes on the guitar glow blue. Also, red toenails, he is an anthrophomorphic personification, so noone can tell me what his toenails should look like:P

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    Medium quality? I think those SMs look awesome!!

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    Thanks, but there still are way better painters here, so, medium it is;-)

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    Aaaand I'm calling it done, any more work and it will be worse, I think.
    Now he's off to rock on in my cabinet:P

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    “rock ‘till you’re dead” lol. Cool mini.

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    Looks good! love the glowing strings.
    I don't know the mini, does it have anything to do with Terry Pratchett's Discworld?

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