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Thread: sokator's infrequent, medium quality updates

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    Yep, this one is from soul music I believe ;-)

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    Nice job on the death figure, although everyone knows death would play on a cherry sunburst colored guitar

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    haha, if I knew how to paint that, I would! xD

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    Anything new going on?

    I dig the reaper, and the fun you had painting it really comes across in your posts.

    Keep it coming!

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    Yes, death was a lot of fun to paint, especilaly since He is such a cool character in books;-)
    Now I'm working on some Intercessors, and to be honest, they are not as great as the price would suggest - the moulding is not that great ( but not terrible, by far), the plastic is abit too soft to my taste and the blue color is weird to work on. Dragon models makes way btetter moulded kits for a smaller price.
    But they look sooo cool xD
    I don't have anything worth showing now, its just glue and plastic;-)

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    A lovely paint job on Death, one of the best characters in one of my fave book series. Terry Pratchett, what an author.

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    Yes, so sad that he ia no more.
    So i noticed that I had some cultists primed, so I got to work on them, not the primaris.
    Im going for the boxart look on this one.

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    Hi, thanks
    so, I kinda gave up on cultist, got bored of him. But in the meantime, I did this guy:

    The skulls are decals i painted over btw, I can't freehand for shit
    I wonder. why do they use holsters? I think in the lore, their guns are magnetically attached to armour.
    Also, please advise on weathering - what should I do? Dust? Heavier wash on the legs? He seems too clean, but I somehow I cant tell what will look good on him.
    The color is Vallejo dunkelgelb (german WWII dark yellow )

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    Ok, so calling this one done. Added a bit of dirt / dust on his legs to tie him into the base more.
    I need to devise a better lighting solution than what I have at the moment, clearly:/
    Still, pretty happy about this guy, this was my first time edge highlighting in the 'game mini' way.

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