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    Finally finished!

    I really had fun painting the mini, but what I really enjoy was making the mountain stream with "water effect" UV resin
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    Well done Dhdiez, I think your enjoyment shows through on the finished piece. It's really well done, nicely painted.

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    Really nice job on the figure and base for it!

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    After finishing Zoraida. Now, off to another mini. This time is Morg'n Thorg, Bloodbowl star player made by Games Workshop.

    I am not trying to have the best painted mini, but at least a tabletop+ level.

    Skin is finished, now going to complete the rest (clothes, armour, boots...)
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    Before you totally call the skin done, there is a touch of grey primer there by the horn on his belly shield (the left one in real life) that you should hit with some skin color.

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    More progress on this Morg&Thorg.

    Thanks for the feedback, I corrected the grey area in the skin. (Thanks ekipage)
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    You are most welcome, and nice job on the figure so far!

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    Finally finished this old school of Blood Bowl miniature!

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    Love the base, it's a great job overall congrats

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    Nice work there on the Ogre fella!
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