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    Starting a new project.
    Squarg the frog rider, by Blacksmith miniatures.
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    Interesting. I'm looking forward to see more of it.

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    Some progress on the frog. Sketch done, some parts are still unpainted (belts and saddle)

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    This frog looks nice ! I'm curious to see what happens next.

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    Thanks for the comments. @Gorb: In this mini I am mainly using Kimera Kolors (Phtalo Green and Cold Yellow), and also some Vallejo.

    Now I consider the frog "done", pending for the final airbrush touch to deepen shadows and smooth some transitions.

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    Step by step... frog and goblin finished. I still have to paint the leash and a skull that comes in the kit.
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    The final piece looks great! Love all the colors you have in play, the green goes well with the desaturated blue and the bright orange. Very cool piece.

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    More progress.. . Mini finished, base still wip, but almost complete (I plan to add a water lily)
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    Nice use of compliments !!!

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    Yeah. what BAM said. Really striking!

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