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    Here is my current WIP. Shield is finished
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    Warm yellows work well with the cold blues.
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    My latest paint job, Made during a Diorama workshop and finished afterwards...


    Name:  ORK Collage.jpg
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    NMM works great. You've got a good feeling for the reflections

    To push it further I would probably smoothen the transitions a bit with glazes.

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    Nice. The metals are really nice and subdued.

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    Nice work! Did you finish the woman with the shield?

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    Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, also adding some tones with the airbrush will definitely make it more interesting and smooth transitions...

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    Nope :-( Woman still in wip, She was my priority target until I went into the diorama workshop... Now she is again in the top of the queue :-)

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    Really nice job on the ork and teh base for him. Can't wait to see further progress on the female above!

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    Very nice work, I like the orc, and the shield work is great!

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    That classic black orc is put wonderful into scene.
    The weapons look outstanding!

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    I really like your approach to nmm, black orc is great work

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    Nothing really finished, las parts painted: banner (a simple freehand of Odin Raven will be next), gauntlets, boots, back of the shield, leg bandages.

    Name:  IMG_20190602_222212.jpg
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    The cloth is AWESOME! Both the texture and the overall pattern.

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    really nice job on her so far. Will be great to see how you finish her up!

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    Stellar job on the textiles!

    Although, has anybody else noticed the resemblance to Ms. Spears (before the head shaving thing)? LOL

    Looks great! Keep it coming!

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