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    Finally finished!

    I really had fun painting the mini, but what I really enjoy was making the mountain stream with "water effect" UV resin
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    Well done Dhdiez, I think your enjoyment shows through on the finished piece. It's really well done, nicely painted.

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    Really nice job on the figure and base for it!

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    After finishing Zoraida. Now, off to another mini. This time is Morg'n Thorg, Bloodbowl star player made by Games Workshop.

    I am not trying to have the best painted mini, but at least a tabletop+ level.

    Skin is finished, now going to complete the rest (clothes, armour, boots...)
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    Before you totally call the skin done, there is a touch of grey primer there by the horn on his belly shield (the left one in real life) that you should hit with some skin color.

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    More progress on this Morg&Thorg.

    Thanks for the feedback, I corrected the grey area in the skin. (Thanks ekipage)
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    You are most welcome, and nice job on the figure so far!

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    Finally finished this old school of Blood Bowl miniature!

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    Love the base, it's a great job overall congrats

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    Nice work there on the Ogre fella!
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    Continuing from a miniature from a course, let's see if I can finish it. Sword sketch finished, pending for the airbrush tones and edge highlighting.
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    Really nice work on the sword and back of the figure! What's the front look like???

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    Front is still in WIP. Big areas are done basic highlights and shadows, pending airbrush and edge highlights. But small elements (gloves, bracelets, belts) are only base coated.
    The rocket launcher is close to finish except for edge hightling and the lenses and some OSL effect.
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    Oh wow. Glad I stumbled upon this thread, because this is some top notch quality! The colors are really well blended and well chosen, your NMM is impressive, and I really like your diorama of the banner lady and the stream! Congrats on the good work, and I'm looking forward to following your progress.

    WIP Thread

    "I wonder if there's beer on the sun."

    - Zap Rowsdower

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    More progress, but I considered almost done.
    Not really proud of the skin nor hair, I think it needs more contrast and more tones (really dull) but I prefer to leave it as it is, have some lessons learned and apply them into next figures.

    Gold and silver NMM I am preffy happy about it. Some subtle OSL effects, not perfect but I like them and for sure I will experiment more in this area.
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    You are extremely talented, that model looks amazing. I love that battle on his back and that sword .

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    Really nice work on this bust! Maybe some orange or yellow to highlight the hair would help, but it does look good. Great work on the tank on her back and the nmm look really nice!

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    Thanks a lot Clouds and ekipage for the feedback, it really helps to improve!

    Yes, I think the red hair is very improvable. I did not risk too much in having strong contrast (Red is a hard color, since light highlights either turn to pink, orange or skin tones) That's why I tried to make very dark red tones in the shadows but I guess that was not enough...

    Now off to the next project :-)

    Here are some final pics:
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