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    I really like the blade shading and the painting of the jar!
    If you consider spending 15 more minutes on highlighting the reds on her hair, will be well invested time to round the picture up ;-)
    Great job!

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    Like it, an improvement to your earlier figures, in regards to the hair as you said you could go much darker in the red, I sometimes uses a deep blue shade as the darker part. Try to use almost the same technique that you used for the NMM sword for the hair area next time and see if you like it.

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    The gold NMM looks really good. I particularly like the way you have painted the canister of green fluid.

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    ​Nice painting. You’ve got a nice mix of textures & surfaces.

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    Nice job! I really like the liquid container on her back. Well done.

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    New project. This time is a diorama, based on Warhammer 40K. An inspirational pre-battle speech from the Dark angel's Supreme Grand Master Azrael.
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    I consider Azrael and his servant finished (sorry for such an awful photo, I think it is over-exposed. I'll try to make better photos next time). My plan is to add to this diorama more classic Dark Angels characters (captain, chaplain, banner bearer, Ezkiel and Asmodai)

    Name:  azrael.jpg
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    New project, a new project old school thorne Juggernaut
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    Project almost finished. I have to retouch the lava
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    Love it, looks like such a fun model!

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    Thanks gorb for your comment! Yes it has been a fun model to paint. Old school that brought me memories (plus the joy of painting it at a level I did not imagine back in the day I bought it :-) )

    I managed to retouch the lava in the mini:
    Name:  4c107095-104f-45f0-8d67-f785fbf7e182.jpg
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    Also starting a new project. This time a dwarf bust from Big Child creatives
    Name:  d691ba4d-f491-4841-b9ea-0d2e00069012.jpg
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    Love the lava, and the beard on that darf looks great

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    old GW models rock! ok that juggernaut is actually quite dorky-looking but at the same time awesomely glorious
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    Excellent work. You've a very unique style that really jumps out.

    I love the old GW models, (harken back to my time working for the company).
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    Thanks a lot for you comments!

    Here are the latest pictures of the dwarf

    Name:  New Phototastic Collage.jpg
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    Nice! He reminds me a bit of Obelix

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    Indeed, this mini reflects the good pleasures of life, I like it . Nice work!

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    There’s a ton of great work going on here. My fav is that old juggernaut !!! Spanking new job

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    Thanks a lot for your comments.

    @gorb: yes indeed, it hast that kind of Obelix look :-)

    I just finished a small diorama based on Terry Pratchett's Discworld, featuring DEATH, Rincewind and The Luggage.

    Name:  Discworld Collage Small.jpg
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