Advice please? Paints to replicate 80s titan colour?
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Thread: Advice please? Paints to replicate 80s titan colour?

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    Default Advice please? Paints to replicate 80s titan colour?

    I want to paint up a dozen or so AT Legio Solaria titans to use at Epic tournaments. I’d like to use a similar sponged then washed technique used by Lee Marshal to paint the green on his Solaria titan here (he sponged Caliban Green, sponged Pallid Wych Flesh, washed with Biel-tann Green and sponged once more with Pallid Wych Flesh):
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    Rather than the turquoisey-green of modern Solaria I want to use a luminous yellowy green colour tone the original 80s Adeptus Titanicus era ones had:
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    What colours could I use to achieve such a colour? (I’ve used GW paints up to now but could vary) After breaking my wrist in an accident I have 6 more weeks off work (so loads of time to paint) but also very little money to spend on experimenting with loads of different paints. I've not painted much this last decade so I'm a bit rusty and not so familiar with current paint colours. Thanks!

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    I know that Vallejo makes a yellow-green paint that would come close to that, especially if painted over white and maybe sponge on some of their Neon Yellow or Green over top. Otherwise I think there are a few of the companies doing some 80's nostalgia paint lines - I know that Warcolours ( has one called "Bilious Green" and might fit the bill. I could have sworn I have seen more companies do retro paint colors, but can't remember them right now. But honestly you should be able to get away with a greenish-yellow from any manufacturer (Reaper, Vallejo, Scale75, Warcolour, Secret Weapons Miniatures, etc) and get close to this. You might have to mix a yellow with a slightly green-yellow and probably the neon yellow from Vallejo over top

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    Scale75 autumn/fall green (same colour) is very close
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    here is a super useful chart comparing most brands old and new (doesnt cover scale 75 though)

    Reckon you are looking at Vallejo livery green as a base colour that is highlighted up and knocked back to suit the scheme. Also as Eki said Warcolours do some replica paints now based on the old citadel ranges.

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