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    AlxRaven is correct, these paint up fast (no pouches or scabbards to slow you down). My first Stark unit complete.

    Name:  Starks1.JPG
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    Name:  Starks2.JPG
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Size:  111.4 KB

    And I see that the tray is reversed, lol. My bad.
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    They look great!
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlxRaven View Post
    They look great!
    Thx sir. Finishing up the other 12 plus attachments and starting the outriders.

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    Finished the other Stark unit from the starter, including both officer attachments:

    Name:  Starknew1.JPG
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Size:  113.2 KB

    Name:  Starknew2.JPG
Views: 317
Size:  101.3 KB

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