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    Looking at the charge rules, and watching reports online, it seems a lot of people are either messing up the charge rules OR I am totally misunderstanding them lol. So in the example below, the person who made the report said that the charge wasn't possible (the top left unit charging the Lannister's to the bottom right). He said that it wasn't possible as the charge would bring the unit on top of the friendly unit (top right). I feel that he could have made the charge. He would have pivoted, touched the unit on the diagonal front right corner, shut the door with his unit (which wouldn't have made him be totally flush) which would have cause the Lannister's to scoot up in order to become Flush. Sooo which is it?

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    Well, first off, world's tiniest picture

    Now then.

    1. I see that the Arc is being measured from the Charging unit (by the red line)... This is incorrect. The Arc should be measured from the defender. Can't much tell from the angle, but when I laid it out, it actually appears the Charger is in the FRONT arc of the bottom unit, so firs there's that.

    2. There is no "shutting the door". You align 50% or 100%, if possible. If you can't, then defender does.

    Regardless of that, however, let's assume they are indeed in the flank: They absolutely can charge here, assuming they can contact without ending overlapping the other friendly unit. The picture being at an angle isn't helping, but still looks like they can- again, there doesn't HAVE to be 50% available to charge, the charger just HAS TO align to 50% if-they-can. If they can't, the defender does.

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    Illegal, but for different reason. Play area borders are impassable. Unit cannot pivot over impassable terrain (for some strange reason). Unit on the left is touching play area border, which according to rules you cannot even pivot over, it cannot pivot to face any more of the image's bottom side, it must keep facing right-top, or could slightly pivot to face more into top-ward direction. But cannot pivot to face the Unit in the bottom.

    If there was no impassable terrain issue blocking the pivot, it would seem to be legal charge.

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    To expand on that why I said "for some strange reason": There are good reasons for the rule, at least one I could think of is that one could abuse then pivot in Charge to charge over impassable terrain like Palisades (just first pivot slightly on top of it and then just Charge through it if that would be allowed!).

    But, it is possible to House Rule the rules on impassable pivoting to be more relaxed if you are playing for fun and don't want game to be ruined by Units being stuck by poor positioning:
    - House rule that Unit can pivot over the play area border, as long as Unit does not end the move being over the play area border.
    - House rule that Unit can pivot over the Impassable Terrain (like Palisade), as long as Unit does not end that same pivot over the impassable terrain.

    I'm too engineering minded, and I just play according to rules, but above should be quite safe House Ruling, that should not break the game balance too much.

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    Oh, apologizes. I completely spaced on the table edge being there, and only focused on the units.

    Yes, the above is correct. Can't pivot over table edge, so could only charge forward to contact.

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