Anyone have a clue as to when CMON stopped actually being a cool site for gamers and became this money grubbing entitiy that just rips people off with "Kickstarter Exclusives" to pray upon our need to collect things? Like, I remember browing this site and Dakka Dakka and loving it. Now the support basically tells you to screw off and they charge $100 late fees if you don't respond to their own special kickstarter backer tool. I mean, you got my money. I paid for the stuff. Now I have a $100 late fee because I didn't reconfirm I wanted my stuff? Great. Nice to know the company cares about anything other than money. I mean the only thing they probably like more is bouncing on their boy's Eight Equals Equals Equals Equals Capital D.

Long story short CMON is a non responsive idea stealing company that's would grind us into paste and sell it as paint if they could get away with it. They're like the EA of game companies.