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    Default Forgot I had all these

    Found in cupboard, I knew there were a few but forgot what there was. A few from miniature exchange years ago. Not painted miniatures for about 6 years.

    Now what to do with them. All are quite old some very old, some rare even and some I have no idea what make they are.

    Happy to post close up of individual figures in bags/out of bags.
    Regards Roy
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    Well this baby needs some serious lovin’

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    Send her to me, I’ll provide her with a warm welcome and a new family.
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    Nuts! DR got in before me .

    That's a fairly rare and expensive piece, treat her well.
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    If you are trying to sell them, how much do you want for these two: (the beakie marine and Misericord)

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    I'm starting to get that twitch in my eye again...

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