Long time lurker ect... Forgive me for asking for help without actually having really contributed anything constructive yet, but I am very much hoping that someone here will have some cunning ideas for simple resin finishes...

I make resin objects for a living, if I need a painted finish I tend to use a factory in China, but I have a project coming up which I'd like to keep in the UK. When this is the case, my casting house tend to use polyurethane, with a chalk-based filler to, tinted to a bone colour, dip them in a sepia stain, then tumble them gently with a soft medium, to give them a nice polished feel and to remove stain from the highlights. This gives a finish that looks like ancient carved bone, like a netsuke. This finish is fine, and brings out the detail. I've used other colours for different effects, but for my latest project, I thought I'd ask about to see if anyone has ideas for other finishes that are:
A) Reliable across a batch of 3-5k
B) Relatively easy to achieve without much hand-finishing work
C) Economical
D) Looks flippin' cool
E) Pop details so that figures are easy to read at a smallish scale (3inch figures)

I've considered dip wash, but I've not had any experience in those. Not sure if they're reliable on PU resin (?). I do a lot of cold cast bronze, but I want these to have a lighter feel. Does anyone have any input on simple, reliable finishes for small resin figure, or any input on the above?

I'd really appreciate any ideas, as I'd like these to be as good as they can be, and I know you're all full of good ideas! I'm sorry I can't give too much detail on the project due to its licensed nature.