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    Post [KS] TerraTop's Sci Fi Tabletop Terrain @ UKGE

    Hello everyone, our Kickstarter is now live, click the link below!


    TerraTop Workshop have designed a number of sets of sci-fi wargame terrain which are inspired by Star Wars Legion but can be used on any battlefield.

    The sets are all sci-fi themed – trenches, power coil, crates, pipes and rocks.

    You now have the opportunity to snag the few early bird pledges that are available - be quick to grab yours whilst you can!

    Thanks for your support and happy pledging!

    Jack and Dave
    TerraTop Workshop

    Web: www.terratop.co.uk
    Email: info[at]terratop.co.uk
    Instagram: instagram/terratopws
    Facebook: facebook.com/terratopws

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    Our Kickstarter has a date! We’ll be launching on the 30th May – 2 days until our Kickstarter goes live! Hope you are as excited as we are... Don’t forget to sign up on our website to get notified when we launch. Here are some more pictures of the sets we will be offering for your tabletop!
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    Default Fully funded! What's next...

    Hello everyone!

    We are now funded! We couldn't be happier with how the weekend turned out. Going live on Thursday evening ready for UKGE was nerve wracking, but it shows it was all worth it.

    We have finally managed to catch up on some sleep after the weekend, UKGE was a great experience and even better speaking to some of you, we really appreciate the people that came up to say hello.

    So what's next? We still have 25 days left of funding and we hope to be as successful as possible.

    We have added some updates on the Kickstarter which include a new set option (STL Files anyone?), a stretch goal and another reward level - please go and take a look:


    Jack and Dave

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