More characters from the Stark Heroes 2 box!
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Thread: More characters from the Stark Heroes 2 box!

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    Default More characters from the Stark Heroes 2 box!

    I have some more of the characters painted up from the second Stark Heroes box... these have been a lot of fun!

    Name:  Stark Heroes II 2.jpg
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Size:  363.0 KBName:  Stark Heroes II 1.jpg
Views: 421
Size:  381.2 KBName:  Stark Heroes II 3.jpg
Views: 422
Size:  373.7 KBName:  Stark Heroes II 4.jpg
Views: 354
Size:  340.9 KBName:  Stark Heroes II 5.jpg
Views: 350
Size:  417.7 KBName:  Stark Heroes II 6.jpg
Views: 376
Size:  378.7 KB

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    Great stuff, as usual.

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    Thanks!! Recording the Shaggy Dog tutorial today :-)

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    I like the shared colors between Arya and Rickon. Helps add to the cohesiveness of the Faction.
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    Thanks! It is something that I am trying to do as often as possible... a little easier now that I have a better handle on how is who :-)

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