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    This is a don't tested army list, but in theory work well.

    Faction: Free Folk
    Commander: Styr - Magnar Of Thenn
    Points: 40 (0 Neutral)

    Combat Units:
    • Followers Of Bone (6)
    with Styr - Magnar Of Thenn (0)
    • Followers Of Bone (6)
    with Champion Of Bone (1)
    • Savage Giant (7)
    • Free Folk Raiders (3)
    with Raid Leader (1)
    • Free Folk Raiders (3)
    with Raid Leader (1)
    • Free Folk Trapper (4)
    with The Weeper - Cruel Tyrant (2)

    Non-Combat Units:
    • Craster - Ally of Convenience (3)
    • Lady Val - The Wildling Princess (3)

    How to use that?
    This army is to outlast you oponent and make him pay for every attack he made. Free Folk don't have great armour or good morale, but they best defence is offence. Strike first, use morale tests to bleed out oponent, use horde of units to tarpit and flank enemy, use BIG club ( hello Mr. Giant), heal best units ( Craster, Regroup & Reform, wealth) and when you oponent strke, he bleed too (Styr's ability and tactic, Followers tactic).

    Core of this army is two units of Followers . Two units of raides, they are flanking force and give ability (ok, not unit but attachment) to activate (and hit) with to units in one activation. Trappers stay behind, hold obiectiv, shot, use Weeper ability, use trap and give troops to "regroup and reform" core units. Giant Strike last, after all hard-hitting enemy units are activated and finish them.

    What is the strategy?

    This list is made to use 100% of every strategy card
    - "Swift advance" - great boost to get into charge position
    - "Group assault" & "Distracion tactic" - great card, because in many times you will outnumber and outmanouver enemy.
    - "surrouded and exposed" - good card if you don't want to get hurt by very hard and costy units
    - There's too many! - works well with Followers and Weeper
    - "endless horde" - we don't have strong armour or good morale, but we can respawn one of strong infantry units
    - "regroup and reform" - one of many ways to heal core infantry unit, if you will kill one of insignificant units is great way to use next card
    - "Styr's vengens" - at first look i don't like this one. I must gues which of my units die, and let it die. On second thought I see raides, cheap insignificant unit. If it die doesn't matter. If last rank attack, raid lider activate core unit and then die by "regroup and reform" is pure profit, boosted core unit may strike again.
    - "set for charge" & "final strike" - two defence tactic which will make the enemy pay for attack. First one is made for strong units (and it is not limited to infantry) and can kill or seriously damage enemy before they attack. Second is infantry only and can finish units with weak defence and strong attack.

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    I think Styr has the potential to be really good, but a few things have kept me from seriously considering him just yet. 1) the Thenn Warriors box isn't out yet and I'd like to see what they add to our arsenal (dare I hope for 3+ defense???), & 2) Styr as an NCU is SO good it almost keeps me from considering him as a commander.

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