Timing of Influence & Targeting Unit from Tactics Zone vs. Varys
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Thread: Timing of Influence & Targeting Unit from Tactics Zone vs. Varys

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    Default Timing of Influence & Targeting Unit from Tactics Zone vs. Varys

    I'm interested in understanding the order of operations in a situation where a Stark player is activating Catelyn Stark on the Manuever zone with the intention of activating Outriders and using the Rapid Assault ability playing against an opponent who intends to use Varys to cancel either the zone or the influence.

    What is the Stark player required to state when activating an NCU (in this case Catelyn Stark) prior to the Varys player indicating their intention to roll a dice to cancel an effect?

    Zone, Target of Influence (what unit?)
    Zone, Target of Influence, Target of Manuever Zone
    Zone, Target of Influence, Target of Manuever Zone + replacement ability

    This is more clear when a card like Sudden Charge is played since you have to declare it when activating an NCU. It's not as clear when you're performing a standard NCU activation.

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    Varys triggers when "NCU claims a zone".

    This is an example I had yesterday. "Aemon will claim Horses, triggering his healing. Would you like to Varys that?" That's basically exactly the script that I say whenever I know the opponent has Varys.

    "Bowen will claim the envelope, triggering his card draw. Varys"

    Or in your case: "Catelyn will claim horses, triggering her influence. Would you like to Varys that?"

    Varys thrives on information. Be careful around him and don't let any little birds hear of your true intentions.

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    The essence of what I'm saying is that they trigger simultaneously. The active player must declare his intent to play a triggered effect, but the other player has no right to any more information than that (unless what he's playing is based on a later, not simultaneous trigger... but that's not the case here)

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    This makes no sense. If simultaneous rules were in effect with Varys then the active player would trigger AND resolve their effects before Varys would trigger, but seeing as though that isnt the case, Varys goes first. As soon as the active player claims a zone, ask the player if they want to Varys. Then the active player does whatever effects hemust or can or wants to do. Makes no sense otherwise.
    Active Player activates NCU
    Active Player claims a zone
    Varys triggers and resolves or doesnt
    Active Player then triggers and resolves his own claim a zone effects including tactics zone.
    If the effects are controlled by different players, the player whose
    turn it is will have first opportunity to trigger and resolve their effect.
    If they choose not to activate any effects, then their opponent
    will get the opportunity to activate their effects. Once the active
    player passes to their opponent, they may not then respond with
    their effects. They have given up their chance to do so!

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