Lannister Halberdiers Order and Activation.
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Thread: Lannister Halberdiers Order and Activation.

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    Default Lannister Halberdiers Order and Activation.

    The order reads, "Set for Charge. If this unit is unengaged and charged from the front. This unit may make 1 Attack action against that enemy before they resolve their Charge attack."

    The debate is that the order of the halberdiers does not say that the attack is a free attack. Actions elsewhere that do not require an activation to be spent specifically outline the action as being free. Since this doesn't say its a free attack it must require an activation.

    My counterargument is that the order is the cost. Once the order is set, it allows the Order ability to be used, which in this instance allows for an attack whose only cost is an order token, (and very specific requirements).

    I'm looking for supporting documentation for either answer.


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    It's not an activation unless the card says so, this is just an order to make an attack action. As is the case with most questions, just follow the text and do what it says and don't read between the lines or add your own.

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    As said above.

    Attack and Activation are not synonymous.
    If you do not Activate, you do not place activation marker (unless rules / text in the card say to place activation marker without activation).

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