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    Hey guys,

    New to this game, I'm not sure which faction to play yet, so I'm trying some builds, what do you think about this one :

    Commander: Howland Reed – Lord of the Crannogs
    Points: 40 (0 Neutral)

    Combat Units:

    • House Umber Greataxes (7) with Robb Stark – The Young Wolf (3)
    • Grey Wind (0)
    • Stark Sworn Swords (5) with Rickon Stark - Prince Of Winterfell (2) and Osha - Spearwife Guardian (0)
    • Shaggydog (0)
    • Stark Sworn Swords (5) with Bran and Hodor – Protector and Ward (3)
    • Summer (0)
    • Crannogman Trackers (5)
    • Stark Outriders (7)

    Non-Combat Units:

    • Howland Reed – Lord of the Crannogs (0)
    • Sansa Stark – Little Bird (3)

    The idea is to have as many Direwolves as possible, and a lot of activations. The 3 Direwolves on Rear/Flanks ofc.
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    I primarily play NW. So take this with a grain of salt. (But I know what has caused me a lot of trouble against Starks)

    If you're going to have Greataxes, Bran, and Robb (Trackstar version) in a list together. Bran has priority to go with the Greataxes. So many people are tempted to put Robb in with the Greataxes to take them from a slow speed to an average speed. But it just doesn't have the same reward as adding an extra D3 Mighty Cleaves or Ex. Fury with the Greataxes. That is just insanely devastating (plus Summer mitigates the slow speed with his Auto defense)

    As for Trackstar Robb... he is AMAZING in Berserkers if you can find the points. If not he'd be fine in Sworn Swords (better than Bran)... You have me curious how well he would do in the Crannogs....

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    I am a fan of Outriders but would probably drop them from this list. I would spend the 7 points on:

    1) Second unit of Trackers (if you have the models) to help get the maximum benefit of Howland's cards; and
    2) Wardens for both Tracker units (makes their shooting more reliable and effective)

    Also, as suggested, switch Bran & Robb

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    A few things...

    #1: Robb (CMDR) in Crannogs is just rude, but hilarious.

    #2: Try this list.

    CMDR: Eddard Stark-
    Eddard Honor Guard

    Sworn Swords: Robb Stark
    Sworn Swords: Rickon Stark/Osha
    Crannogman Trackers: Bran and Hodor
    Grey Wind

    Arya Stark
    Catelyn Stark
    Sansa Stark

    Total: 40 points

    Options include:
    Primarily swapping the siblings around and trading out Sworn Swords for Bolton Cutthroats or Crannogs to suit your playstyle. Specifically Bran and Robb.

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