Hi there. I was thinking about list that have a lot of synergies and can exploit Lannisters traits. So I came up with this:

Lord Bolton as Commander
39/40 pts

Combat Units:
• Lannister Guardsmen (5)
with Guard Captain (1)
• Lannister Guardsmen (5)
with Guard Captain (1)
• Bolton Cutthroats (5)
with Dreadfort Captain (1)
• House Clegane Mountain Men (6)
with Ramsay Snow – Sadist (3)
and Theon Greyjoy – Reek (0)
• Knights of Casterly Rock (8)

Non-Combat Units:
• Cersei Lannister – Queen Regent (4)
• Roose Bolton – Lord of the Dreadfort (0)

I have many panic tokens, and many opportunities to triger panic test. Mountains man are now Boltons because of affiliation from Ramsay so tactics cards from Lord Bolton also interact with them. I can change Knights to another unit of guardsman with cpt or boltons plus NCU (pycelle). What do you think?