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    Just getting into the game, bought the Lannister Halberdiers box as a tester, let me know what you think.

    Really enjoyed painting them; I'm coming from GW wargaming and like the fact that ASOIAF models are less detailed than GW plastics, they're such a chore to paint sometimes!

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    They look great! I especially like what you did with the base.

    Im also enjoying the more realistic look and approach to detail. It’s a lot less even compared to most other CMON minis. Rising Sun in particular seems to have so much it feels like a chore to paint them. That’s why mine are still only half done. Lol!
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    Thanks! Base was quite simple, GW texture paint, then drybrush

    Got some more done over the weekend, some crossbows this time

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    Wow, these are very nice. I too appreciate that these figures aren't loaded down with books, scrolls, bottles and such. It does speed up the painting and I'm a lazy painter to begin with.

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