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Thread: Baratheon Starter set?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oakwolf View Post
    Ok so we have

    Wardens - plate, shield+warhammer (weak offense 3+ defense and 6+morale), kind of a more stalwart version of Lannister guardsmen.
    Stag Knights - plate, 2 handed hammer + crazy antlers. We don't know their stats, but i expect something like the Greataxes
    Sentinels - mail armor and 2 hammers.

    It's a bit too many hammers and some hammers are slightly over the top for me. It'll be the first faction i must alter models to like. I am sure most people will find them "cool" but so far i had enjoyed a little bit of near-realism away from Warhammer fantasy battle styles. I really hope other units won't have Moar Big Hammers. Robert used a hammer, we get the point. The characters, however, look really fine and i'll still buy 2 sets because it's one of my favorite factions (Stannis).
    While I agree that the hammers are a bit too much, I like them for the starter set. Now move forwards with more variety and I think that it will be a solid set. This should have been the Crossbow unit instead of Lannisters in my opinion, but it will be interesting to see what ranged unit they get.

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    I think warhammers for the starter is cool, but not for the whole faction. I agree with Oakwolf, even if the minis are one of the best ones I have seen. I don't want the game to go to a Games Workshop path, I prefer they stat realistic too.

    What kind of Heroes do you want to see for the Baratheon Hero Box 1?

    I think Melisandre, Davos the Onion Knight, Selyse Florent for Stannis
    Loras and Margaery Tyrell, and Randyll Tarly for Renly

    Maybe Box 2:

    Stannis: Monford Velaryon, Salladhor Saan, Shireen, Patchface
    Renly: Mace Tyrell, Cornay Penrose, Mathis Rowan (maybe Robar Royce and Emmon Cuy)

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    If we guessing who is in hero box, this is my few bets for TeamStannis :

    - Davos Seaworth
    - Melisandre
    - Rolland Storm
    - Richard Horpe
    - Clayton Suggs
    - Godry Farrins

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    There has to be Guyard Morrigen at a point though, the guy was in both camps and apparently quite valued by both commanders despite the change of loyalty: Renly's "Rainbow Guard" and then he was put in command of Stannis's vanguard at Blackwater bay.

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    There are a lot of possible heroes in this faction. I was afraid there wouldn't be enough! Rolland Storm, Richard Horpe, Clayton suggs and Godry Farrins will be good commanders! Guyard Morrigen is a must for both. I am waiting to see the Baratheon cavalry and Stannis the mannis mounted!

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    For those of us who aren't too "facebooky"

    Here's some interesting info posted by the Bolton Connection (M. Shinall we thank you).

    Name:  xolgvA.jpg
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    Name:  wlcQqW.jpg
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    Name:  td12ZZ.jpg
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    I must say, even though i made fun of their McHammers (sentinels/wardens) and their Antlers (Stags), the thing is starting to grow on me. Game-wise, i can't wait to see what Stannis can pull at the vanguard of a Stag Knights unit. Apart from Wardens (5pts) point costs are still up to some debate. Some people on FB have stated that the sentinels are 5pts...but that's just hearsay right now.
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    Just picked up one of the pre-release Baratheon starters at GenCon. Now I gotta figure out how to paint yellow well. The Baratheons have additional items coming out soon and were in the CMON display case with planned release dates.
    Baratheon Heroes 1 & 2 boxes both release Q1 of 2020 so Jan-March. One must be all Stannis loyalty while other Renly, I'm thinking.

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    There is update to War Council app with full Baratheon Starter cards. For me they look pretty good

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    What are the point costs for the units ? my guess was Wardens (5), Sentinel (6), Stag Knights (7)

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    you are correct on all except Stag Knights 8.

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    I talk about them here, if you don't mind video format!

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    This set looks OP, I will have to try it!

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    I do hope that it's not too powerful, that would be bad for the game as a whole. That said, the Baratheons are thematically much more straightforward than say...Lannisters, so it might be easier to see their strength than other factions. It won't be long before we know though, as this faction will prove to be quite popular.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZMeinecke55 View Post
    While I agree that the hammers are a bit too much, I like them for the starter set. Now move forwards with more variety and I think that it will be a solid set. This should have been the Crossbow unit instead of Lannisters in my opinion, but it will be interesting to see what ranged unit they get.
    I have a problem with the hammers as well thematically. CMON is really playing the look of the army off of Robert in his prime days. They look cool but too much that I have to agree it falls into Warhammer Fantasy. GRRM supposedly approves on every model, I wonder if he imagines his Baratheon army in his world of fiction purely made up of warhammers for their all around weaponry? Or maybe he is nonchalant in his approvals? There are mounted knights they're releasing that carry a great hammer as well, which would look cool, but yet again... If I was the head designer I would cross out the Sentinels and keep the rest. As it's turning out likely will see a throwing hammer ranged unit as well.

    Oakwolf I would tell you to hold off on buying two sets since you find it too ridiculously themy as I do, even if you're starting to warm up to the designs. I would wait until units loyal to Stannis comes out and make a decision then whether or not to double up on the starter. I like Stannis too, so I'll get the starter plus the cavalry carrying hammers, then I hope to double up on the Rhillor units devoted to Stannis who hopefully carry great swords, swords and shields, or axes, not to mention archers. Hopefully no more hammers!

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    That's probably what i'll do yeah. Too many hammers for my "suspension of disbelief" to work with. I'll definitely convert some of these to swords for a better look, and some of those hammers will be getting a trimming cut to reduce the mass.

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    it reminds me a lot to the bretonnian knights...I like the hammer army theme...although sureley will be converting some with the ol´and reliable spear.

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