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    Photography is terrible.. but hoping to get some feedback. Name:  20190516_223520.jpg
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    Really nice job on this! Base looks great and nice job on painting all of the figures and speeder.
    If I really had to critique it, I would say the Greedo character (forget the name of the species) looks like there is a mold line on his right boot (the one that is flat on the speeder) up the side of the leg that could have been cleaned down better, and there is a join line at the front of the speeder (the brown part) and it looks like it runs all around it that could have been filled in with some plastic putty or green stuff to smooth it out.

    But hey, I don't always catch all the mold line or fill in the gaps either... So really great job all around on this.

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    Thanks for the feedback! I'll need to invest in some green stuff and work on my mold lines. It is annoying when you miss one and notice after you prime. I'm sure spending more time up front preparing will help get a better end result

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