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    Hey guys,

    I wonder if I could get your opinion on this list?


    Faction: House Lannister
    Commander: The High Sparrow, Father of the Faithful
    Points: 44/45 (2 Neutral)

    Combat Units:
    • The Warrior's Sons (8)
    with Brienne, Maiden of Tarth (2)

    • Lannister Guardsmen (5)

    with Guard Captain (1)

    • Gregor Clegane
    , The Mountain That Rides (4)

    • Knights of Casterly Rock (8)

    • House Clegane Mountain Men (6)

    with Jaime Lannister, The Young Lion (2)

    Non-Combat Units:
    • The High Sparrow, Father of the Faithful (0)
    • Cersei Lannister, Queen Regent (4)
    • Tyrion Lannister, The Imp (4)

    Made with

    The Sons will have a 2+ Bravery, due to Brienne's +2, so all of the Sparrow's tactics SHOULD auto-work on them (bar some circumstances with penalties, but even then, a -3 penalty would still only need a 5+).
    Also, during deployment, I choose one unit and the Sons will have +1 to hit and +2 dice against them. Combined with their offensive Faith ability, that could be quite nasty!
    The opponent will have to decide to focus on it and ignore the rest of my units, or look at my other units and ignore the Sons...decisions, decisions!
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