how to make stormy water with water effects/resin
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Thread: how to make stormy water with water effects/resin

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    Default how to make stormy water with water effects/resin


    I want to put the reaper bones dragon turtle within a stormy water base, partially sticking out of the surface. The base would be clear resin (maybe with a drop of ink) and fairly large, which i've done before but the surface always becomes flat.

    I want the surface to be more like this: Name:  356831ff71184ac2f68f1fce309007eb.jpg
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    Has anyone done this or have an idea of how to do it? because the resin is clear, i cant just sculpt with green stuff etc waves and paint them... the waves/ripples need to be made with water effects, resin, realistic water, etc.



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    so found it. it appears woodland scenics has something called water waves now...

    didnt have that last time i checked their website


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    Search up some of the naval modelling sites. has a great forum I used a few years back and every person I asked a question was more than happy to help out.

    As far as actual products are concerned there is a great one called Clear Fix Hybrid Polymer that can be use to create very realistic looking waves once you have put down your base resin. It is in tube form and you will need a caulking gun to go with it but you can pick one up for just a few dollars. Brilliant stuff. If you need some advice using it you can watch the YouTube tutorials from LukesAPS. He has good tutorials on creating water effects with other products also. sells Clear Fix but they are almost sold out I think. You can get it from eBay too but it can be a bit more expensive.

    The Mig Ammo weathering series magazines do an issue dealing with water effects which isn’t bad. You can download them online or hard copy from a store.
    The FAQ diorama book line is a fantastic source of instructions. There is a book relating to just water, ice and snow. If I remember correctly there are articles on what you wish to know.

    Edit: Real Terrain Hobbies has some simple and advanced YouTube tutorials about resin ocean and wave effects for dioramas. The one titled Ultra realistic ocean diorama with a massive wave might be of use to you.
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    This might be of some help:
    Video is a little more involved since he does a coast line, but you can just use the water parts for what you want. It isn't as deep as the one you showed, but you could probably pour it that deep (or less depending on what you need) and then do what is in the video on top of it

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