Nights Watch Starter Set - parts available separately?
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Thread: Nights Watch Starter Set - parts available separately?

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    Default Nights Watch Starter Set - parts available separately?


    Please does anyone know, are any of the miniatures in the Nights Watch starter set exclusive to the set? Or can they be all bought separately?



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    The units, aside from Ghost, will all be available outside of the starter. If they aren’t already.

    The only minis you’ll have to get the starter to have are the named characters.

    Are you looking to expand your army, or just pick up the characters to collect?
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    I was possibly planning on using the miniatures (which I love) in another game - Saga or Dragon Rampant - simply to cut down on the number of miniatures to paint. I don't think I need two identical units of Night's Watch, but wouldn't want to miss out on some of the colourful miniatures only available in the Starter box. The CMON website isn't always good at including pictures of the miniature in each box.



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    If you look at the War Council app and click on the starter set for the NW, it will list each of the units in the box. You can then compare that against what's listed for that faction in the app.

    Shorter answer: looks like only the Sworn Brothers are available outside the starter, but Veterans and Ranger Trackers will likely get their own unit boxes in the future.
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