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    Hi, last time I painted more than a few models was about 23 years ago. And I was pretty terrible back then. Since then my patience has improved, but not much else. This is the first mini I have painted for my kill team. Would like to hear back comments and criticism to help me improve. I still have a lot to learn. Thanks for looking. Not sure why the images have come out so massive.
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    Hey mate!!! Welcome. Look at my forums and many other established painters. All of us use big photographs. It’s the only way to make sure to spot the good,bad and very ugly portions of the models we paint. Many including myself(in the past) tried to get a photo where it would be the exact size of a 28mm model in front of us viewing it. This is a rouse as the smaller the model appears the better it will look and have no room for any real helpful criticism. So embrace the larger image. And on our end we can give the help you’ve asked for. Don’t be afraid of criticism.although some on here can be downright callous but most are great help. Including our moderators.

    ok so here’s what you need to try. Go on OZ painters and look up the “stop sign rule”.this will show you where to place your proper highlights and shadows. Start with this then use what you learned on your next project.

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    Welcome to the forums and back to painting. I myself picked it back up not too long ago as well. I would say your brush control looks pretty good (only issue that really stood out was the gold on the "O" rune on the cloak getting on to the purple). Edge highlight the gold, you can pick out the sharpest corners of the gold with some silver which will make it look better. Otherwise, nice job on (I am guessing) one of your first figures since picking the brush back up. I agree with BAM on the photo size, while it does showcase all of the errors it does make it a lot easier to see what is going on (especially when you need reading glasses/magnifiers, like me, while working). Also, there are a lot of useful painting tutorials on Youtube so I would advise looking them up and watching a few, especially if there is a technique you want to learn.

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