Looking for thoughts on dealing with too many Giants
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Thread: Looking for thoughts on dealing with too many Giants

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    Default Looking for thoughts on dealing with too many Giants

    Without resorting to the Mountain that rides, what are you using to deal with Giants? In particular looking for ideas that are compatible with a general strategy and a tweak counter that would handicap in normal play.

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    Pyromancers aren't a bad choice
    Jaime + MM can throw enough hits out that he can put them down.
    Flanking them with Knights of the Rock can also do the trick.

    If anything, the The Mountain That Rides is a bad matchup against the Giant - he can only deal 2 wounds to the giant (or 4 if he rolls all sixes) and the Giant is very likely to squish him in return.

    Counterintuitively, throwing Guardsmen or something into combat with a Giant and then never attacking it can also be a good way of dealing with them - if it's undamaged it won't be dealing that much damage and you can probably lock it in combat for most of the game.

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    Pyromancer Melee is great if you can boost their attack a bit. They have crap defense anyway so don't really care about the gian's ability. If Joffrey is your commander, one of his cards will boost their attacks insanely.

    The Poor Fellows can really hurt a giant with a faith token, but will die too if they don't finish it.

    Otherwise, Crossbowmen can put enough wounds for a unit of Lannister Knights to finish it off with a timely charge.
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    I think units should be restricted.... it is too much rock scissor paper

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    It didn't start that way, most things were "soft counters" but we're seeing more "hard counter" things popping out, which i guess is normal if they want to diversify the factions. The most obvious (to me at least) right now is morale. Army lists that focus on morale can be seriously countered by the units available nowadays, and some lists are all but immune to it.

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