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    We are playing our first game of ASOIF and would like to clarify the effects of "The North Remembers" tactics card for Starks.

    So, upon destruction of a friendly unit, can 3 wounds be restored for the destroyed unit, effectively restoring it? Or is destruction final for a unit once the tray is empty and the effects of the tactics card can be applied to another friendly unit only?

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    When a unit is destroyed it is removed from the table. It's no longer a valid target for, well anything.

    More so, even if you COULD heal it, the rules would still end up removing it from the table anyway.

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    Thank you for the swift response, good sir!

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    Just affirming, as Alliser stated above, once a unit has been destroyed nothing is going to save it as the rules state its removed from the table. Destroyed is destroyed, no saving it unless something directly and specifically says it does so.
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