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    Hi all,

    I recently got the pathfinder red dragon from Wizkids, and while the mini is awesome, the one wing in front doesn't fit very well. I assume it's made this way to make him all go nicely into the box he came in.

    My question is, is it viable to gently bend the wing out so it's more straight/lifted up? I believe I read earlier that heating a miniature in water/hair dryer made it possible to reshape lims and such. Has anyone tried this and do you think it's possible to do without damaging the wing? Any other good suggestions are also appreciated.

    Some randomly googled up images below
    How my mini appears to hold it's front wing:

    How I think it would look much better. Imagine ironically enough from wizkids site...

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    Tread forward at your own risk....but I have successfully modified some of the wiz kids products using steam, hot water, and a hair dryer. To separate my frost giant, I briefly boiled the model in order to make the superglue weaker. Once apart, I used warm water/steam to bend his posture to my liking. I also used the hair dryer to straighten his axes (they were bent by the packaging, much like the wings of your dragon). Go slow, and use the least aggressive manner first. If it isn't enough, then up the ante in small steps. Cold water helps to flash the plastic in place. Be sure to protect your eyes and your limbs from the sources of heat (I used silicone bakers' gloves). I have also used similar techniques on my trollblood; other models have just needed the hairdryer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaBeebs View Post
    I briefly boiled the model in order to make the superglue weaker. Once apart, I used warm water/steam to bend his posture to my liking. .
    Thanks for the insights. As you mention boiled, I assume the resin can take boiling temp without completely being deformed/destroyed then? I wasn't thinking to use that high temp but it's just good to know how much it can take.

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    I haven't tried any resin figures yet, but the polymer plastic reaper/pathfinder/wizkids/etc. can handle the heat. I suggest controlled heating (ie. just the part you want to bend) vs. shoving the whole mini in the crock pot; you'll have fewer sections to worry about holding in position to cool.

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    I usually like to err on the side of caution when heating resin by boiling a kettle then pouring the water into a container. The few seconds it takes to do this then dropping the part in takes away from the aggressive heat. Sometimes I might need to repeat the process but I’d rather that than potential disaster. I’ve never boiled resin in water and only ever would if it was a huge piece that couldn’t be warmed through any other way.
    Hairdryers are good but even on low heat there is very little time between not warm enough and a destroyed piece of resin.

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    Just to clarify: I thought resin = plastic, and after a quick google it seems that I was somewhat wrong there. My worry was mostly that the details of the wing would be removed if the plastic was heated too much, alternatively cracked or destroyed.
    However, after watching a few youtube clips it seems that the miniatures easily resists almost boiling water and I think I'll give it a go.

    If I had any skill though, I'd probably try to attach a wizard blasting the dragon, and the dragon shielding itself with the wing. Similiar to this amazing piece:
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    I could not try it, that figure looks impressive, I would not want to see it broken

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    That sounds like a really good idea for a diorama DaBeebs. You should give it a go. If you don’t think you can pull it off successfully then adapt it to what you can. Although you’d probably be surprised at just how much you could do if you tried. The Killa Kan example you linked is a great example but I remember the day it was posted.....WAAAAAY back when.

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    Bullfrog, I assume that comment was for me regarding that diorama?

    Anyways I watched a few youtubers that had changed the wing position and it looked really great. So 10 minutes ago I spent a few minutes in front of the stove with a pot of boiling water. The result seems quite pleasing to me! I'll let him rest a while to see if the wing tries to reposition itself to default. I did cool it with regular cold water and the wings seemed to stick into their new position at least. Thanks for the help guys!

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    Looks fantastic!

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    And for information to newbies like myself in the future - after some days the outermost wingtip spike (touching the spray can on the picture) is now almost touching the table :P seems we need another round with boiling and maybe leaving him tied or upside down for a while.

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    You could also place the wing straight into a bowl of iced water as soon as you have positioned it. Just leave it in there for a few minutes. If it still drops down it might be something you are stuck with. There is a very real chance that the plastic is too soft to prevent it happening again. Might not be able to support its own weight over time although I’d imagine you’d have problems with both wings if that was the case.

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    So I tried again for the 3rd time, and as suggested above, this time having a bowl of cold water with an ice pack around. I held the wing down in the ice water as long as I could with my hand. It seemed to stiffen into position, then i just left it a few minutes more. I added a string around the wings to keep them stable for a while. We'll see if that helps

    Edit: added before and after pictures.

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