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    Hey Folks,
    can anyone provide me with high Resolution scan of the Promotion Cards of the leaders from the con ? the pdf from the page has such a bad Resolution i can't read the rules on them correctly.

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    I'd also like this too - hopefully someone can help us out...
    Nil nos tremefacit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KP13 View Post
    I'd also like this too - hopefully someone can help us out...
    I lost Hope... This Forum is really dead. Also in FB No one seems to have better quality scans.

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    Cmon have dropped the game, so I doubt they will help which might mean you struggle to get hold of them. Which FB group did you ask in? There are a few, would be nice if they were more active and private instead of public.

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    I have 2 sets but I recently boxed up all my WoK stuff and put it in the garage. I'll try to dig them out and see if I can get decent scans of them this weekend.

    Found them, scanned as best I could:

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