Ramsay vs Sandor Clegane point costs
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Thread: Ramsay vs Sandor Clegane point costs

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    Default Solved - Thank you Valenae

    Solved - please ignore
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oakwolf View Post
    There's something odd about those two attachments.

    In light of the recent modification to Sandor Clegane's card, both those attachments share the "Cut them down!" ability. They also share an affinity to their respective house. They are basically identical (bit odd as it's The Hound we're talking about)

    That said, Sandor Clegane costs 2 and Ramsay Snow costs 3.

    Unless there's a tax to pay for playing neutrals, these two ought to cost the same.
    You forget about Teon

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    ha! thank you so much...i was certain that something was wrong and i couldn't remember it for some weird reason while toying in the asoiaf builder.
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