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    Default Help Identifying a miniature

    Hi I'm wondering if anyone could help me identify this miniature.

    Name:  unknown 102 (51584053CX420903P).jpg
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    On the back of the tab it has written "Dark Age 2002".

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    well you have the most important info already (game, year released).

    From what I could find: Dark Age - Forsaken - Reaver.
    But in the new cards it has the name Hephzibah. Belonging to the "Forsaken - Followers of Mark" faction. Card is here:
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Thanks Max

    I did check the Dark Age website, I noticed that there was a Hephzibah mini with a different pose.
    It is the product code that I'm after really for cataloguing purposes.

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