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    Default Purchases you have made for ASOIAF

    So, with Baratheons and Targaryans coming out, and the fact that I want both.. I stated thinking about what I have purchased and what I want. I just had my family place a father's day order for me for Boltons and some additional Lannisters.

    I have the following:


    This is my favorite and main army.
    The mountain
    3X Haberdiers
    3x Guardsmen
    1x Crossbowmen
    1x Mountains men
    1x Lannister heroes 2

    I just ordered
    1x Lannister heroes 1
    1x Knights of Casterly rock


    I figured I can use them with my Lannisters.
    I just ordered
    1x Neutral heroes1
    1x Bastard girls
    1x Cut throats
    1x Flayed men

    Free People

    1x Starter set.

    I am not really liking them though and may sell them. They were new and shiny. But not really my style.


    1x Sworn shields.

    I really like the Tully and want a whole Tully army... but don't like the Starks.

    So, what armies do you guys have. What do you plan on getting? And do you regret getting anything?

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    I’ll be continuing to buy two of everything released.

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    2 of everything, wow. So You will be getting all the factions? That sounds good. Just I really don't like some of them. Stylewise. Starks, NightsWatch, and Freefolk just don't really capture my interest.

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    ive bought everything, aside from the kick starter bonus set. And storage has had me wondering if ill continue to buy each wave, the freefolk and nights watch heroes might be the first i dont pick up

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    It's the only game of this type that my wife likes to play...so it got the vote for the all-in.

    We had 2 of everything so far, but it's been really hard to follow up this spring as retailers are unable to get the products in.

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    From the game:
    One Kickstarter pledge with Weirwood add-on
    One additional Stark v Lannister starter (courtesy of CMON Expo)
    Two Night’s Watch Starters
    One of each unit box and heroes box currently released for Stark, Neutral and Night’s Watch factions
    One Lannister Heroes Box 2 (because I want to paint the characters...and maybe torture Joffrey a bit...)

    For the game:
    One 6x4 neoprene mat from Frontline Games
    One laser line level from Army Painter

    It helps that that my friend and I have opted to alternate which factions we collect. So far, I’ll be taking Stark, Night’s Watch, and Targaryen. He get the rest. Helps to keep costs down and allows us to flesh each faction out more.
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    I was a little late to the party, but so far I've picked up:

    Stark vs. Lannister Starter set
    Stark Bowmen
    Tully Sworn Shields
    Stark Heroes 1
    Crannogman Trackers

    Lannister Crossbows
    Lannister Heroes 1
    Knights of Casterly Rock

    I wanted two armies to introduce to my friends to the game. I'm feeling I'll go in pretty heavy with the Baratheons, but not too fired up about the Targaryens.

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    I started collecting about a month ago currently I have

    Stark section of the starter set
    x1 Stark Outriders
    x1 Tully Sworn Shields

    x1 Heroes #1
    x2 Flayed men
    x3 Bolton Cutthroats
    x1 Bastards's Girls

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