So, with Baratheons and Targaryans coming out, and the fact that I want both.. I stated thinking about what I have purchased and what I want. I just had my family place a father's day order for me for Boltons and some additional Lannisters.

I have the following:


This is my favorite and main army.
The mountain
3X Haberdiers
3x Guardsmen
1x Crossbowmen
1x Mountains men
1x Lannister heroes 2

I just ordered
1x Lannister heroes 1
1x Knights of Casterly rock


I figured I can use them with my Lannisters.
I just ordered
1x Neutral heroes1
1x Bastard girls
1x Cut throats
1x Flayed men

Free People

1x Starter set.

I am not really liking them though and may sell them. They were new and shiny. But not really my style.


1x Sworn shields.

I really like the Tully and want a whole Tully army... but don't like the Starks.

So, what armies do you guys have. What do you plan on getting? And do you regret getting anything?