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Thread: starting with 2 starter boxes?

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    Default starting with 2 starter boxes?

    After viewing some videos and reading reviews, I think that I'll jump on the ASoIaF game wagon.
    I like to start quickly with 2 complete armies. I already have the table (warhammer player for decades here )
    I feel that the starter box is too short. So, I have to complete the box. I like the 2 armies in the starter set. So, I'll go full stark and lannister at the beginning.
    My first thought is "what's about 2 start sets?" and this is my very question here.

    Is it interesting to start with 2 starter sets? (as it is a really good deal $$$£££€€€) ? (Then I'll just have to pick up some additional boxes here and there (heros 1, knights, archers...)

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    Buying multiple starters can be a good cost effective way to boost your armies, but it depends also on how much you like the units in the box.

    Looking at a single faction starter, like Nights Watch for example, there are four units in the box. The cost is about the same as buying three individual units. So if you like them enough, it’s a good buy. Otherwise, it might be better to spend that money getting the individual boxes of units not in the starter, to add diversity to your lists.

    Coming in new, I’d recommend starting with just the one starter and some extras. That way you can see what you like and don’t like, and what roles you want to fill or flesh out. Then make a choice from there on where to go. Or find someone else to play with that has their own Stark vs Lannister starter that is willing to share what they are not using with you when you play. Me and a friend did this for a time, until we each picked up second S v L starters for ourselves.
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    The starters are pretty good value to get into bigger game sizes, but it's best to go in sequence:

    1. Pick the starter from your favorite faction.
    2. Figure out which commanders you like to play. Possibly acquire the Heroes Box for said faction.
    3. Buy what fits with the commander(s) you chose, expanding your options from there.

    Some commanders have particular affinities with units, enough to hire more than 1 or 2. If you find out that those units are part of the starter set, it could be a good idea to get 2nd.
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    If you’re truly committed to Stark and Lannister (both great choices), I’d suggest you go more this route:

    Starks vs Lannisters Starter box
    Stark Heroes boxes (at least the first)
    Lannister Heroes boxes (at least the first)

    Then add a unit or two for each house, depending on your flavor preferences. Getting those 1st hero boxes will add a great deal of commander, NCU and attachment variety to your armies, which duplicate starter boxes just will not.

    Have fun!

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