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Thread: Need Veteran Stark Help - 1st Stark List featuring Stalwart Tully

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    Tully Cavaliers will really be a welcome addition, but that 9 cost sure makes it tough with list building to get the min activations and some toys. I'll prob try out the Cav Commander version of the Blackfish again upon getting my 2 Tully Cav units painted up. I'm SO glad they are releasing in Sept and not Oct or later. Just hope Asmodee/CMON has their supply issues worked out going forward with all of these cool new releases scheduled for the coming months.

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    What do you mean by "minimum activations"?

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    It's admittedly very subjective, but for me, getting below 7 activations in a 40 pt game is danger territory. 9 pt Cavaliers make fitting that 7th activation (typically a wolf) into lists w The Blackfish (instead of Robb) as commander noticeably more difficult. Not impossible, but w most units I play already costing 7, getting a unit or two of 9-pt Cavs into a list + 2 NCUs (besides Arya & Sansa) puts you just over pts to get say Bran & Hodor (ideal, not fan of Rickon). There are ways & sacrifices that can be made, of course, but tough choices. Just me with typical prob of wanting my cake and eating it, too.

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